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The Everflame

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

supports the swizzle weave.  The artifact called a swizzle (which does free pumping even uphill) is an indispensable tool for ventilation, irrigation and plumbing.

If we were to be drawing boxes around parts of reality and attaching labels, pathspace would be the gravity - the major component in 3-space of the spacetime curvature.

Just as pathspace enabled the swizzle, tonespace enables the everflame. Tonespace can be thought of as the density of free zero-point energy in space. In idealized conditions this is constant or zero and the energy in space is uniformly distributed (dispersed). In actual conditions this value can be a field value and vary differently along different directions.

The ability of the energy density of space to vary from place to place means that compensatory geometries can be configured.  The total energy appearing may be the same but its spatial distribution can be altered to make it colder in some places and hotter in others.  The alien artifact that demonstrates this is the everflame. The tonespace weave is commonly placed on the space enfolding a disc; stroking the disk’s rim one way or the other turns the effect up or down. The everflame effect concentrates energy from an effectiveness of zero to one. Zero represents no effect — the background level of uniform distribution. One would be perfect concentration: all of the energy appearing in a given volume would appear at approximately the same point in space on one side of the disk. (On the other side the average temperature drops slightly.)

In practice what you get is a point at a certain distance from the center of the disc warms up. the temperature determines the color. At first nothing is visible because for everything up into infrared the photons are too weak to excite our eyes. Warmer and you see a red point that goes through orange to yellow as the temperature goes up. Eventually you get blue, indigo, violet and ultraviolet before x-rays.

As an artifact the everflame is extremely valuable. One can provide limitless free power boiling water in a steam engine. One everflame can be a fireplace that never needs wood, and/or a smokeless stove that never needs coal. A coffee maker you can carry into the woods. An electric blanket with no electricity. Permanently heated clothing for cold climates. Permanently warm hot tubs, pools, and baths. The number of places this could be used is limited only by our imaginations.

Using an everflame in combination with a thermocouple gives free electricity. In amplifier cirtcuits, having everflame-heated tube elements makes possible a tube amp that runs on very little power. With everflame/thermocouple elements to heat the tubes and power the circuits, the telephone, radio and TV of the Ancients could be restored without a functioning electrical grid (TVs and radios would therefore be portable).

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Positive Reviews for Gamers and Gods: AES

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

AES CoverAs an author struggling for recognition, sometimes I go through periods of self-doubt and depression, when I wonder if I will ever succeed. It is like screaming for attention in a huge room filling up with others doing exactly the same thing.

That’s why I need favorable reviews like oxygen. I’m still at the stage when a few kind words from someone who has read my writing can make all the difference. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to submit a review to Amazon.

A TOP 1000 reviewer wrote “This was a great story with a lot of intensity and some wonderful dialogue throughout. I loved the blending of past and present in the novel and it just made things that much more interesting. There were elements of romance, adventure, sci fi, and much more in this intriguing tale that sets up what I hope to be a very engaging series. Well done.”

Wendy Swanson wrote: “The best books don’t just tell a story - they grip you right at the start, carry you along, teach you something along the way and end leaving you wanting more. AES, the first in Matthew Kennedy’s Gamers and Gods trilogy, does all of these and more. In this installation, Kennedy introduces characters from the near future and the distant past and then mixes them together in an intriguing adventure that wouldn’t let me put it down. This world is fantasy to some while reality to others and both are true in ways that prove to be believable, exciting and ultimately frightening. The story draws on the deep textures of ancient mythology and the fast-paced realms of online gaming to craft an adventure that moves quickly from chapter to chapter, climaxing with an ending that doesn’t disappoint. If you’re new to either of these, you’ll enjoy learning as the story unfolds. I’m glad that I won’t have to wait to read the next two books - they’re both available now and I’ve started the second already.

Jim Meade wrote: “I enjoyed this story throughout every chapter. It is very well written ‘ghost in the machine’ story. Moved along at a steady pace, A fine example of the fantasy/sci-fi genre. IMO It would make a good movie or tv mini-series. Started book 2 and cant wait to find out how it all ends……..”

G. Jackson wrote: ““Gamers and Gods: AES” has one the most uniquely written storylines I have come across. If you enjoy gaming you will eat up the pages.”

F. Reede wrote: “Matthew Kennedy was thinking way outside the box when he conquered this uncommon Sci-Fi Brew. His writing skill is like a spiders web that captures the devour’s the attention of the reader as he spins them deep into this ultimately prolific tale. Our main character wakes up in the future and is tasked with fighting for an earth he hasn’t been involved in, and barely recognizes, since it has been thousands of years since he has seen it! Imagine that one. It is like he is living a video game as he has to fight these battles from a simulated construct, a computer. As a story line it does’t get any better than this!

He does have some help though, I would have to say from some savvy gamers and who help in him this exercise of freedom. The undertaking is intense effort filled with twists and turns and even little romance. Gamers and Gods: AES, is the first book in a series and I now look forward to book 2. If you are at all into gaming you will find this book especially delicious. I read a lot in the this genre and this one is exceptional. It is creative, offers a unique story line and well developed characters. Best of all, it is action packed and wholly entertaining.”

Thank you all. Now I have the enthusiasm I need to get back to writing Spinspace.


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Spreading the word

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

stats at 8:30Here’s a snapshot of my bubble view stats on as of 8:30PM EST 2/21/2015.

I’ve bublished a couple of new book bubbles tonight just before blogging so the numbers may go up a bit before tomorrow, I hope.

Bublish creates links back to your book “bubbles” so that you can edit and broadcast online in twitter, facebook etc. Here’s an example tweet:

She waited until the worst of it passed. via

When recipients click on the links they are counted and you can log in to see the latest.

stats at 8:3010:03PM EST 02/21/2015

The cool thing about  social media is that re-radiation of the information by retweeters etc helps spread the message faster. Some kind people retweeted me recently and you can see the effect on my Bubble views in the Twitter column.




stats at 8:30

11:05PM EST 02/21/2015




stats at 8:30

8:05PM EST 2/22/2015

I only started at Bublish a few days ago so I am still getting used to the interface and exploring how to use it best.  But I’ll get the hang of it yet. –MRK

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Early Present

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

my booksAnd here they are. Years of my life compressed into about 1630 pages of printed and soft-bound words.

This is one of those selfish moments for any struggling author, the not-so-private joy of seeing one’s effort take on a tangible and hefty form.

A moving moment that passes but will be remembered…

And then the work continues.

There is so much more to do.


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The Word is Spreading

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Steve Kims buildFor a long time I was afraid that the Hypercube speaker was doomed to vanish into obscurity, ignored by experts who believed they “knew” it couldn’t possibly be any better than conventional designs.
Now, I have hopes that the technology will be used — the word is finally beginning to spread.

First, Greg Madama in NY built himself a pair of transparent hypercube speakers and was “floored” by how much better they sounded. Greg has also also begun to do comparison testing on the speakers, and has verified some of my own experiences with regard to their sonic accuracy and how pleasing they sound.

Then when he started a discussion thread at another member called xrk971 decided to investigate the design and built and tested some. Once again, testing verified that the shape does an excellent job of reducing resonances and coloration that other speakers used thick padding and stuffing to try to reduce.

And the word continues to spread. For the first time that I know of, a pair of Hypercubes has been built outside the United States by Steve Kim in South Korea. Once again I am humbly grateful for the way the Internet has made it possible to share this idea with the rest of the world.

hypercube with Karlson tubeYou can see Steve’s work at a diyaudio discussion thread here. (scroll down a little — it is not at the top of the page.)

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Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

thanksToday, I give thanks.  There is so very much to be thankful for this year.

For one thing, I am still alive. There was a time, a few years ago, when I was convinced I would not live this long.

For another, I have met new friends, and exchanged experiences and insights with them. Most notably Greg Madama in NY, who will always remember this year as the year he built and heard his first hypercube loudspeaker.

booksBut there is more! This is the year I finally decided not to be held back by my need for an agent, and published 4 books on Amazon. The Gamers and Gods trilogy is complete and available in eBook versions, and trade paperbacks by clicking here. The first book of my new Metaspace Chronicles series, called Pathspace, is also there, also available in kindle and trade paperback versions.  I’ve even had my first sales, although the royalties aren’t a lot yet because I decided to make the eBook versions only 99 cents until today.

hypercubesEven more to be thankful for. Greg started a discussion thread on a forum at that received hundreds of posts and so far has received over 7000 views, and so thanks to Greg and the Internet the info on hypercube speakers is even more available to the humans of Earth. I posted myself there, showing pictures of prototypes and giving details on how to cut pieces to make the shape, and sharing some of my experiences with it over the years.

Here is a picture of one of Greg’s clear polycarbonate speakers before final assembly.

Yes, there is a lot for me to be thankful for this year.  Still alive, with new friends, getting the word out about hypercube speakers, and finally publishing. And the best is yet to come.


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