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The First Draft of Alexanor is now complete

Sunday, October 6th, 2013


Hooray! It is now time to stop and celebrate. The first draft of Alexanor, the third book in the Gamers and Gods trilogy, is now complete.

It has taken months to reach this point. Now it’s all over except the editing, then more revising, the correcting, the submitting, the finding an agent, the finding an editor, the landing a publisher and the first printing.

And maybe even some money along the way.

This is the concluding novel of the first 3-book story arc in the series. It is a mix of concepts from gaming, scifi, mathematics, programming, physics, and Greek and Egyptian mythology.

Whether there will be more books in the series will depend, I suppose, upon its degree of success with readers.

I have other, unconnected trilogies in the planning stage. I might proceed with one of those while we see how this one will play out in the intellectual ecology of ideas and the commercial marketplace.

I feel both exhilarated and exhausted.

– MRK 10/6/2013

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