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The Parable of Fire

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

house on fire
Magical mystery.
Pre-digestor of food.
Life-in-blizzards, ancient friend
unwatched, you turn against us in the end
but watched and guarded, warmth and light
provide us through the winter’s night

What is this fire, that we can call it so
when e’er we wish, and finished, bid it go?
Not substance, though it substance must require
Nor energy, though energy comes forth
No life it has, however many it takes
No ears to hear the words we sing
No eyes to see the word the pencil makes…

Fire takes and gives; it burns, destroys,
yet there are trees that needs the blaze
to soften seeds, or open room to grow
and so it has its place in time
to thus renew the forests it consumes
although this dancing beauty will, to us,
who’ve lost our homes or friends to it,
although we need it in the cold,
be ever trustless, watched with eagle eye.

If times be cold, then burn, but then beware –
for if we burn too much, none left to share.

– MRK 11/2/2011 21:12 EST

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The Parable of the Wind

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

From sea to shore, drawn in by hot air’s rise
over the bay one day there came a wind
blew past the beach, and into the breach of trees
like bees in bushes, gusts and eddies swirl

and over the curl of leafy green
unseen in silence, chlorophyll works on
from every dawn to use Light’s gentle rain
to cleave apart the water of the plain
takes the carbon, gives the oxygen
for those who walk the ground or fly the air
who need the oxygen, yet carbon shed

and on it sped, as updraft raised the stakes
and huddling close for warmth in height-chilled air,
air’s moisture combed to clouds, to thunderheads
those dark and sullen anvils of the sky
the same from which the bolts of Zeus let fly
to slay poor Aesculapius
now fall the gentle rain and snow
as winds are scattered, so we now must go

from sky it comes, and to the sky returns
unseen yet vital, breath of every being
ne’er outgrown, however much one learns.

–MRK Novermber 2, 2011 19:31PM EST

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The Parable of the Stone

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

There was a stone,
a hard and hearty rock
who would not mock
nor weep, nor cheer or groan
a Stoic of his cynicism made
to be the grade of many a rolling road.

But life rolls on and he rolled down
Down to the sea in slips and slides of sand
to be the floor of oceans, where none walked
and, sunlight swallowed, reigns eternal Night
to coax the ones who carry their own light.

Then under, deep subduction makes him hot
from friction and the pressure, stone forgot
his stiffness, let it go, began to flow
to flow, perchance to glow, to magma cooked
the stone flowed into others, merged, this drop
became the Ocean of a flood of flame

the stone no longer rests within his glade;
the Earth has taken him into her arms
and healed his solitude; but every day
around the world volcanoes have their say
ejecting, growing, bringing from below
the stuff of rocks and boulders drawn
from magma’s peace, and cooled to rock anew

we’ve seen the arc; a rock is not alone
but droplet in the river of the stone.

—MRK Novermber 2, 2011

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The Parable of the Water

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

waterfall photo by David L. Kennedy

A water droplet met a droplet, running to the sea

Said the droplet to the other, “Come and merge with me!”

And so they merged, and merged again, swelling, running free

And wondered where it all would end, this running to the sea

“Halt!” said Log, across a bog. “This way is closed, you see.”

But flowing down they curved around and left him in the lee

So did they ever, stopping never, sliding down the scree,

fulfill their will with joy and thrill, running to the sea.

“But, er, what if we meet a cliff?” one queried nervously

“Do not despair — it ends in air!” the answer seemed to be

“And if its curve should have the nerve to fling our droplets free?”

“Then you and I will get to fly, running to the sea.”

–MRK November 1, 2011

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