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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

hypercube1. Future Technology

I believe that the future of human technology will include applications of hyperspace technology.

Incidentally, I am the co-inventor of U.S. Patent #4,231,446 in which a hypercube broad-spectrum acoustical resonating chamber became a superior loudspeaker.

And there are more applications.

avatar2. Future Society

We are in a world where millions of people practically live in virtual space. People interact on many levels nowadays…and the number of levels is constantly increasing. We now have virtual worlds where people thousands of miles apart can form new tribal associations like guilds in which shared simulated experiences provide bonding between people who would never meet in the “real” world. In ages past, far-flung people usually only met though war. Now they have many other options.


avatar3. Future Existence

We cannot stay where we are, and as we are. The Sun will expand to become a red giant in 5 billion years.

Five billion years might sound like plenty of time. But we have to get started. We are never going to have the resources to expand out into space as long as we are fighting each other on this one planet. The future of our species depends upon our ability to improve. And there is a time limit.


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