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We Pause For Station Identification

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

meAnd now, we pause for station identification.

Yes, I paused for a couple of weeks. I’ve never wanted this blog to be about me, but when I pause this long I feel the need to explain a little.

You see, I am going through some changes in my personal life, and that can be amazingly distracting. I find myself reconsidering almost all of the decisions I have ever made.

One decision I do not regret: this blog. I’ll keep doing it. Some people write in diaries or journals, and others paint or compose music: we all have ways of storing our reflections and observations. I’m not much of an artist, and I tend to lose papers, so since I live so much on the Internet, that’s where I log my ideas.

Don’t worry. I haven’t paused because I ran out of ideas. They keep pouring in. I’ve just gotten behind in writing them down and bogged down in frustrations and challenges.

As my understanding (hopefully) grows, I keep seeing more areas to expand into and thus my scope broadens and apparent progress slows. But I have not stopped. Merely paused.

Sometimes I baffle even myself. For example, I seem to have great difficulty keeping in contact with people, even those who matter most to me. Sometimes I make excuses for myself, saying that it is because we moved so often when I was growing up, so that I didn’t get to have long-term friendships until my father retired and moved one last time to Florida. But I know these excuses are weak. I know people who have maintained friendships over decades and thousands of miles, so I know it can be done. But I am lousy at it. I live inside my head, and I am so selfish about wanting to have time to myself that I can neglect people without really intending to. Later, I realize that time has passed and I have done it again.

The Universe isn’t finished with me yet. I might have some good qualities, but I still have gaps and rough edges. Time is wearing down my rough parts, and learning and epiphanies will fill the gaps. I may yet manage to become an acceptable human being, but sometimes it seems I am barely past the knuckle-dragging stage of personal evolution.

Okay, that’s enough about me for awhile. I’m back on the clock.


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Talking To My Computer

Friday, January 6th, 2012

meHello again. Well, this is a new one. I am entering this post using Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.1 preferred which is a free download from the link I discovered. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to enter a blog entry without having to touch the keyboard, apart from occasional corrections of misrecognized words.

It’s a whole new year, now that we’ve finally gotten past the old year of smoldering resentments and broken promises grand new visions and barely recognizable strategies proposed by those who would lead us into some brave New World of economic prosperity and, ultimately, equality for all regardless of income level.

I don’t want to rant about the evils in the world today. Plenty of people have done that up to now (including me), so there really is no need to go over that yet one more time. Let’s not talk about the year that ended. Let’s talk about the year that’s coming.

It’s really quite remarkable how well this product is working so far (no, cynics, I have no stock in or affiliation with Nuance, the software company that makes Dragon). I’ve seen some mis-recognized words, of course. For example, just now when I said “the year that is here”, what actually showed up on the screen was “the beer that is here”. Annoying as that might be, the ease of being able to compose sentences without having to stare down at the keyboard (I may have mentioned before that I never learned how to type) is a bit of an improvement over what I was doing previously. Yes, there are still mistakes. Yes, with this product you still have to go back and make some manual corrections. But overall it is an improvement and I look forward to getting better at using this method of text entry.

The word about Hypercube loudspeakers is getting out slowly, but it is getting out. For example, on Twitter as gamesavant I now have 712 followers. Traffic is beginning to increase on the website, and with each new visitor, each new follower, we draw ever closer to the time when people will discover the Hypercube resonator technology exists and begin employing it. I no longer expect fame or fortune, but I derive no little satisfaction from the fact that the word is beginning to get out. All it will take is a few people building them, discovering their benefits, and announcing it independently from me. I will be doing all that lies within my power to encourage and enable this independent confirmation.

This next year will see a lot of changes to the blog and website. My first focus was on getting information out, and to that end I’ve concentrated on content rather than style and finesse of presentation. But I know that presentation matters, so I’ll be working on improving my style, adding more pictures, more videos, more explanations, more technical discussions, along with the occasional political note or technological news blurb.

My incurable optimism is returning. I see visitors from dozens of countries appearing on my map. I see voices raised in protest in a score of countries, striving for political reform and social change. And I see game-changing improvements in solar cell efficiency using quantum dots that will make power from the sun as economical as fossil fuels. Yes, they are already building “zero-energy” houses in Florida another sunny places — and that is being accomplished with the older second-generation solar cell panels. The increase in efficiency gained by using quantum dot technology in solar panels will mean that zero-energy houses can be built in many more places. You will not have to live in a sunny spot near the equator or Death Valley in order to be able to extract enough power from sunlight to live off the grid and immune to blackouts.

Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself there. For those of you haven’t heard about them I’ll be writing a post about quantum dots and what they may mean for humanity. And of course as I come across discoveries in other fields that will have similarly large impacts I’ll do my best to bring them to your attention as well.

So stay tuned, seekers!


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Be it Resolved: The Guaranteed Annual Year

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

hypercubeAnd here we are again. ¬†Every year I have the same mixed feelings about New Year’s Eve. One the one hand, it is merely the crossing of an imaginary line or the change of a digit in subsequent expressions for the date. On the other hand, since the Sun moves through space, the orbit of the Earth is not a closed circle like a hula hoop; it is rather more like the innumerable spiral coils of a Slinky billions of years long.

Every year adds another loop to the helix. It may seem to us here on the ground that every year is a repetition of ancient patterns of Winter and Summer, but the truth is the Earth never sails through the same piece of Space twice, so every political candidate who runs on the Not Insane platform should endorse the Guaranteed Annual Year.

But seriously, I cannot avoid the emotional fact that this is the time of ending and new beginnings, and traditionally a time to resolve improvements for the coming year.

1. We resolve not to waste time worrying that the world will come to an end because of interpretations of ancient calendars.

2. We resolve not to stop believing that it is still possible for humans to share the resources of this planet and solar system instead of fighting over them.

3. We resolve to support all efforts to achieve meaningful, sustainable improvement in the accountability of governments to their citizens instead of to their corporations.

4. We resolve to continue our efforts to promote an expanded awareness of hyperspace, and to disseminate information that will empower humans to take advantage of its deployment in all applicable technologies.


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