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Why So Science Fiction?

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

figure1Since I might seem to many of you to be an almost sane person, many of you might wonder why I read and write science fiction when there is so much perfectly good plain old science out there to write about. I mean, there’s graphene and quantum dots and spintronics, to mention a few.

All I can say is, when your life reads like science fiction you either reach for a road map or descend into insanity. Humans do not live by fact alone. Facts we need, but what we need more than anything else is meaning. Significance is what we suffer for. Insignificance is the greatest pain, the darkest fear.

When extraordinary phenomena entered my life, I chose not to go insane. Instead I sought significance. I looked for a new road map.

Writing in general holds a mirror up to the world for us to scry our futures in, and I have found that SF helps prepare me for future shock more than most. Where else could I find stories about others like me trapped with discoveries years or decades ahead of their time?

For anyone who reads this, it is important to distinguish fact from fiction. The hypercube resonator is fact. You can always look up US Patent 4,231,446 (11/4/1980) and see that I am indeed the co-inventor. My novels labelled Science Fiction, however, are speculative fiction.


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What is Futiquity about?

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

hypercube1. Future Technology

I believe that the future of human technology will include applications of hyperspace technology.

Incidentally, I am the co-inventor of U.S. Patent #4,231,446 in which a hypercube broad-spectrum acoustical resonating chamber became a superior loudspeaker.

And there are more applications.

avatar2. Future Society

We are in a world where millions of people practically live in virtual space. People interact on many levels nowadays…and the number of levels is constantly increasing. We now have virtual worlds where people thousands of miles apart can form new tribal associations like guilds in which shared simulated experiences provide bonding between people who would never meet in the “real” world. In ages past, far-flung people usually only met though war. Now they have many other options.


avatar3. Future Existence

We cannot stay where we are, and as we are. The Sun will expand to become a red giant in 5 billion years.

Five billion years might sound like plenty of time. But we have to get started. We are never going to have the resources to expand out into space as long as we are fighting each other on this one planet. The future of our species depends upon our ability to improve. And there is a time limit.


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The Quantum Levels of Being

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

meMankind’s problem with the model of God as man raised to the power of Infinity has the main flaw that infinite horizons limit our inquiries beyond them. Nature does not employ infinite quantities of anything. It’s more reasonable to think of an exponential or logarithmic scale rather than simply one and infinity — or to speak of a spectrum of sentience.

We call this spectrum of souls the Quantum Levels of Being. It is a fractal scale, based on those fractal graphics that look like one central entity connected to and budding off a ring of smaller versions of itself — which are all repeating the process ad infinitum. We know we are lower on this scale than God. We are farther from the Source, the Center.  We are much tinier pieces of the Metapattern. Is there something above us but below God? Let skip all the jargon of angelics and call it a “god” rather than God. Now we have (mortal → gods → God). Is there something higher than God?  It would be difficult to know that. Let’s not bring His boss up if He doesn’t.


All intelligent life can be characterized as biological incarnations of sentient data. Most agree on this, calling the hardware the “body” and the sentient data (data which can imprint new memories from experience, draw conclusions from this data, and generate, among other things, verbal inter-body communications and smoothly-coordinated action instructions for all of the body’s voluntary muscle groups, in order to walk, talk, and furthermore learn, reason, and apply wisdom in interactions with internal representations and external “Reality”) is the “soul.”  Where differing belief populations begin to kill each other is over such questions as what happens to this sentient data when the hardware it is running on dies.

The atheist says the program stops running: game over. The theocrat says good are happy and bad suffer. Reincarnos say the eternal data moves on to another fetus. Who knows? They may all be correct. Maybe we are the thumb drives of the soul. Temporary storage devices, born to be receptacles for Being.

Some have stated that the only truth, the only law, is Chaos. It is found, in practice, however, that the Universe likes to organize itself. From the largest super clusters of galaxies down to the tiniest atom, matter and energy dance to intricate patterns and constantly-renegotiated relationships with parties, actions, domains of influence, geometric configurations, expectation values, and escape clauses.

Is is important, to remember that it is not only mere matter which adheres to such orderings. Energy likes to be organized too. The data itself likes to be included in as many computations as possible.  But it is sometimes better to rely upon a handshake than upon complex legalism and coded clauses.  Eventually the desire for fluid and complexly interwoven relationships evolves beyond even the nuanced and inflected conjurations of the range of verbalizations possible at a particular stage of development.

When the sentient data has passed though a certain number of incarnations in bio-mechanical hardware, it begins to evolve into something greater, because the Trinity of particle, virtual particle flux (ether, Dirac sea, etc.) and particle.

Most of the time a traveling electron pings out a virtual photon to check its environment it absorbs it back immediately, harvesting the information without leaving waste energy in the environment. But sometimes the virtual photon gets eaten by another electron (or a proton). They absorb it so the emitting electron never hears back from it.

Instead, the photon consumers absorb the kinetic energy / momentum of the photon and experience a push (or a pull). This is the electromagnetic “field” in action: influence of motion of a charged particle at a distance. This is one example of the calculations that can occur in the lower levels of the Computation that is proceeding. Initially random particles become coordinated. Integrated patterns appear as structures evolve from the formless void: molecules, membranes, self-replicating sets of hardcoded  molecular data that can be transcribed by the ribozome zippers into RNA and eventually proteins to catalyze the chemical reaction of Life. The explosion of source code brings forth evolution as the code mutates, branching to form the Tree of Life , the biosphere of a particular planet consisting of all the instances of all the variations of the Program.

And as these bio-suits evolve mechanically and cybernetically, the sentient data running on them stretches its legs and evolves too, growing beyond mere sensor and motor device drivers and navigational subroutines.

Once a certain level of integration of the sentient data is achieved, it can simulate simple integrations of other patterns within itself; plans and evaluation of the results of actions can be run on the hardware. We reach the level that could be considered at least rudimentary consciousness as we know it. At this stage the system is at least as conscious as a one-celled animal.

Agglomeration of these protozoa will always generate, eventually, a higher level of organization. Multicellular life, with its much larger address space and processor array extensions, can run ever more complex living software that informs and incarnates the sentient data.

Memory space exponentiates. Processor bandwidth and power scales with n, the number of distinct quantum nanoprocessor units. The animal develops instincts, complex behaviors, mating rituals, arts and crafts, and social organization.

Without knowing how, driven by evolutionary imperatives, the animal develops incredibly adept manipulators, wizardly image processors; entire new layers of meta-analysis in correlation subsystems grow around what is undoubtedly a brain. Processing centers bulge, increasing cranial capacity and forcing the skull outward to make room for the expanding supercomputer.

And before you know it, you have a person. A mortal. The zeroth Quantum on the scale of super-sentience. We are the merely sentient and self-aware rung on a ladder that stretches higher, into demigods, gods, and God. It is the Mandelbrot set of Fractal Being.

But is this a static hegemony, or is upward movement possible in this pyramid scheme of consciousness?  Put it another way, is there any way to avoid it?  All beings strive. All experience setbacks and growth. We are all on the path to Transcendence, however dissimilar our indvidual learning curves may seem.


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Two Fingers Tapping

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

MattIf I was a Native American, instead of a descendant of immigrants, that would be my name: Two Fingers Tapping.

That’s because I never learned what we used to call “touch typing”.  Now it’s called “keyboarding” and is a required subject in good schools.  But I went to school back in the Dark Ages, when dinosaurs walked the Earth and “typing” and “home economics” (i.e., cooking) were courses that only girls took.  So I never learned to type.  Took wood shop instead. Big mistake.

My father never did either.  He used a keyboard the same way I do, with only a few fingers.  It didn’t stop him from having a career and earning advanced degrees like his Master’s in Nuclear Engineering from MIT.  It didn’t stop him from programming on the Whirlwind I – the first computer with video display terminals that ran in real time.

I’ll never be half the man he was, but like him, I don’t let my primitive keyboarding stop me.  So far I’ve written three unpublished novels, all around 100,000 words, and am now working on the fourth, the conclusion to my Gamers and Gods series.

I’m not certain what I’ll write next.  Those of you who have seen my main website know that I have unfinished business with hypercube loudspeakers.  I need to get out a nonfiction book about that, but I’ve been a bit shy about approaching agents with a book proposal about that.  It’s because I’ve spent a significant part of my life as a voice crying in the wilderness trying to drag humanity kicking and screaming into the Hyperspace Age.

patent drawingAt first this was because we had a patent on the technology (U.S. Patent #4,231,446 granted Nov 4, 1980) and I thought it was going to make us rich. Well, it didn’t; I profoundly underestimated the extent to which credibility depends upon credentials. You see, I hadn’t even graduated from college yet. Imagine, if you will, a college dropout trying to tell NASA he can make a better rocket fuel.  It was kind of like that.  I literally presented to men with PhDs in Audio Engineering — you can imagine the looks on their faces when I tried to push what they considered science fiction at them.

Tom and I tried to promote the technology for years.  We knew darn well that a geometry that affects one kind of wave will affect many others.  For example, parabolic dishes are used to focus sound waves, radio waves, and microwaves.  So the remarkable behavior of sound in our shape (well, Nature’s shape, but like Kepler, we re-discovered it) was something that we knew could transform a lot of devices and industries.  So we tried.  And tried.  We exhausted ourselves and our personal finances trying to get the word out.

We didn’t get rich, of course.  And now the patent is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Can anybody out there hear me?  You can all use it for FREE.  You don’t have to pay us for discovering it.

Eventually I gave up, temporarily, and went back to college and got my Bachelor’s degree in Physics and began a career in computer programming. (It seems I always find myself following in my father’s footsteps in some ways.)  But when the Internet appeared I taught myself HTML and created my website to keep getting the message out.

I’m not finished yet.  I’ve been reading Science Fiction since I was in fourth grade.  Maybe that’s why I tested at the 14th grade reading level when I was in 9th grade.  In any event, it helped prepare me for this weird life of mine.  I have no regrets about it; I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone’s.  I have been uniquely privileged to see she shape of the future.

Now if only it gets here while I am still alive.


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I can, I will, I am

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

meAnd here we are.  As time proceeds we’re closer to or further from the goal.

I can communicate the discoveries permanently if enough people listen.

I will persevere until the torch is passed or I discorporate trying.

I am proceeding to make this information available to all humans.


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So he became all of these

Friday, April 19th, 2013

my DadSome men are born with good vision and good hand-eye coordination.  They become marksmen.

Some men are born with good reflexes and good hand-eye coordination.  They become pilots.

Some men are born with high intelligence.  They become students, teachers, scholars, philosophers, scientists, and programmers.

Some men are born with good hearts.  They become husbands, fathers,  and scoutmasters.

My father was born with all of these.  So he became all of these.


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