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From Small Beginnings

Monday, May 6th, 2013

me at 13Something for those of you who doubt that I was ever young — or ever handsome (LOL).

We were all young once, and I still have the pictures to prove it. This is me from long ago. (click to enlarge)

My hair was much lighter then. My eyes are still blue, but many who haven’t seen this shot think I was born with brown hair. I guess it went from blonde to dirty blonde to whatever.

Not every seed becomes a tree. Not every child gets to reach adulthood, let alone middle age. Despite all the things I have not done, and all the things that remain to be done, I have at least survived. Thus far.

me at 13We all come from small beginnings. A microscopic bit of nanotech, a data package from the conjoined contributions of two individuals, we all start as a speck too small to see with the naked eye. We all begin as seemingly insignificant on this world as the Earth itself seems from the Galactic view. Indeed, from the point of view of distant astronomers, we shall spend our entire lives as unobservables, as irrelevant motes of less consequence than the grains of grit used to shape and polish the mirrors of telescopes.

No matter. Every life has meaning. We might not be conscious of every pixel on the screen, but they are all there contributing to the images we see. We might not notice every note in a symphony, but they all blend together to create the total effect that makes us sigh with nostalgia, gasp with wonder, or shout for joy.

me at USNAIn our wanderings on this little world, this sparkling sapphire in space, it is so easy to lose sight of the amazing fact of “mere” existence. Every loss seems the end of our world. Every small victory seems a testament to Time. It is so tragically easy to lose sight of the unchanging significance of our fellow creatures, big and small, with whom we share this world, our fellow passengers in the strange and beautiful ride we call Life. We are all in it together. We are all alive. We are all instances of sentient data trying to understand ourselves and the universe we exist within.

me as Mean Green Beamer the 50It is so easy to see ourselves as heroes. And we are — when we choose to be, when we help others despite the cost to ourselves. It is equally easy to see ourselves as villains, which we are — when we help ourselves at the expense of others. But we all have seeds of greatness within us. We ALL have the ability to harm or heal. We only have to choose our way, and the rest follows. But we do not always choose wisely. It is so easy to justify a temporary evil in the service of the Greater Good. So easy to let the ends justify the means. We are both rational and rationalizing creatures.

this we give the WorldWe shall be remembered, if at all, for what we do, for what we give to the world. Shall we give pain or joy? Shall we create — or destroy? It is up to us. We are not puppets or slaves. Our lives, our legacies, are what we give the other passengers on this bus. They may not thank us. They may not remember us. But what we give will forever be part of what they become, and part of the world others will come to share in the future.
this we give the WorldThe pictures in this post are from my own past. But it is not really about me. It has never really been about me. It is about you. It is about all of us. A seed can become a tree. But only when it stands with other trees does it become part of a forest.
Live and give, my friends. Give! For this, we live. This we give the World.


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That which we call a pentahedroid

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

triakis tetrahedronWhen you turn a tetrahedron inside out so that it can contain tetrahedron-shaped standing waves, you get something already known as a triakis tetrahedron.

It is as if you sliced the original tetrahedron into four smaller ones, then put them where the original’s faces would be — but pointing outward instead of inward.

To see this, go here and compare the picture with this one.


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