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The Question

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

me in Rift

The Question

And old man gazed with sightless eyes upon a silent sea
and wondered: have I missed the tide?
I should have scattered seeds upon the wind
and sewn a richer tapestry
I should have built my castles in the sand
and dared the wind and waves to do their worst
Instead, i stand here wond’ring on the dune
and wait for evening’s breeze to call the night.
Yet none can say that I did not attempt
to make a mark. I soared on wings of hope
and raced the sun across a hollow sky
but when the flight is done, no trace remains;
the clouds themselves will fade, their storms forgot
as mountains crumble into sand
I wipe my weary brow with trembling hand…
Please tell me it was not in vain
when all the stars go out, and silence reigns
Please say there was a reason for it all
when matter is a memory
I was too busy earlier to hear
but I am listening now. Is there a Plan
that holds a place for rocks and trees and us?
Were all our minds mere accidents -
our cries in pain and joy a useless noise?
Or is there more to know, a path unwalked
I want to know. I want to hope.
But so far, all I hear is gulls and wind.

– MRK 7/31/2016 Crystal River, Florida

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Playing Catch Up

Friday, August 5th, 2016

SisyphusIt’s true, what they say: “You don’t really appreciate something until you lose it.”

In my life, at various times I have had to do without food, money, and a functioning automobile, but it was not until my computer failed over a week ago that I learned what real withdrawal feels like. As I sit here, pecking out this blog entry on my phone screen keyboard (and, apparently, whining about it), I find myself realizing, more than ever before, how dependent I have become upon computers and the Internet.

Sure, I can still write with a Bic pen and a sheet of paper. But paper has no spell check. It has no copy&paste, and cannot research a word or topic at the click of a mouse button or the tap of a finger. How spoiled I have become!

I will get through this. I shall have to make do with watching Netflix on my Kindle Fire. And even now I get some help from silicon, for my smart phone & Kindle are ┬ácomputing devices…even if they are keyboards challenged and limited to small screens.


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