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Day Two

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Gamers and GodsAnd here we are on the second day of this experiment.

Egad! I have lost ground! Someone else must be selling a lot of books, because the ratings have not risen, they are descending. But the promotion has not yet begun.

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Let the Games…Begin!

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Gamers and GodsThis week I am going to try something different. Total transparency.

I have several overlapping promos scheduled to try to up the sales of my newest ebook offering, Gamers and Gods, which offers, for the first time, all three books of this series in one volume.

In order to record, for your entertainment, the effect of these promotions, I am going to post, each day, a snapshot of the Amazon rankings of this book so that you can see how it evolves over time.

My hope is, naturally, that sales will climb enough to put it, at least temporarily, into one the coveted top 100 positions in one or more categories, this technically becoming, even if only for a brief window, a “best seller”.

My books have done this before, of course, but I could not feel comfortable in proclaiming them “best sellersbecause the books in question were free in order to entice readers into my series…and thus not actually being sold at all.

So here we go: here is my snapshot as of this morning.  This is clipped from a screenshot of the current amazon book page, and I have pasted in a cover image for your and my own convenience since the rankings do not repeat the title. (You can click the image to see it full size.)


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