Matthew (Level 7) Soloing Harvest Lord

At level 7, Matthew was ready to take on the Harvest Lord. This would be a more complicated battle than previous. I had prepared by training fire Elf at level 5, my fist Fire School Damage Over Time spell. Then I went and trained a a couple of Death School spells, Midnight Sprite and Ghoul.

I began the fight in my usual way, taking on the minion first to reduce the number of opponents as quickly as possible. I had nothing yet that could one-shot him, so o settled for a couple of spells to finish him off.

Next was the Harvest Lord. I cast Fireblade on myself to strengthen my next Fire school spell because I knew the Harvest Lord is a Fire boss, and would therefore be resistant to my fire spells. Fireblade adds 35% to the next Fire attack spell.

Then I let him have my DOT spell: Fire Elf. It doesn’t do much damage immediately but then has a lingering Damage Over Time effect that would help wear down him down while I prepared other attacks.

The problem at this point was that I was living hand-to-mouth: I was down to a single power pip and spending it each round. So I decided to pass for a round to build up my pips to 2 for a one-shot to finish him off. On the next round, I cast Ghoul which wiped him out at last and helped me out by refunding some of the damage as health to me.


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  1. Thanks for reading, meg43tr44gi joe. I’ll try to keep it interesting AND accessible. —MRK

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