The Parable of the Water

waterfall photo by David L. Kennedy

A water droplet met a droplet, running to the sea

Said the droplet to the other, “Come and merge with me!”

And so they merged, and merged again, swelling, running free

And wondered where it all would end, this running to the sea

“Halt!” said Log, across a bog. “This way is closed, you see.”

But flowing down they curved around and left him in the lee

So did they ever, stopping never, sliding down the scree,

fulfill their will with joy and thrill, running to the sea.

“But, er, what if we meet a cliff?” one queried nervously

“Do not despair — it ends in air!” the answer seemed to be

“And if its curve should have the nerve to fling our droplets free?”

“Then you and I will get to fly, running to the sea.”

–MRK November 1, 2011

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