The Parable of the Wind

From sea to shore, drawn in by hot air’s rise
over the bay one day there came a wind
blew past the beach, and into the breach of trees
like bees in bushes, gusts and eddies swirl

and over the curl of leafy green
unseen in silence, chlorophyll works on
from every dawn to use Light’s gentle rain
to cleave apart the water of the plain
takes the carbon, gives the oxygen
for those who walk the ground or fly the air
who need the oxygen, yet carbon shed

and on it sped, as updraft raised the stakes
and huddling close for warmth in height-chilled air,
air’s moisture combed to clouds, to thunderheads
those dark and sullen anvils of the sky
the same from which the bolts of Zeus let fly
to slay poor Aesculapius
now fall the gentle rain and snow
as winds are scattered, so we now must go

from sky it comes, and to the sky returns
unseen yet vital, breath of every being
ne’er outgrown, however much one learns.

–MRK Novermber 2, 2011 19:31PM EST

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