The Parable of Fire

house on fire
Magical mystery.
Pre-digestor of food.
Life-in-blizzards, ancient friend
unwatched, you turn against us in the end
but watched and guarded, warmth and light
provide us through the winter’s night

What is this fire, that we can call it so
when e’er we wish, and finished, bid it go?
Not substance, though it substance must require
Nor energy, though energy comes forth
No life it has, however many it takes
No ears to hear the words we sing
No eyes to see the word the pencil makes…

Fire takes and gives; it burns, destroys,
yet there are trees that needs the blaze
to soften seeds, or open room to grow
and so it has its place in time
to thus renew the forests it consumes
although this dancing beauty will, to us,
who’ve lost our homes or friends to it,
although we need it in the cold,
be ever trustless, watched with eagle eye.

If times be cold, then burn, but then beware –
for if we burn too much, none left to share.

– MRK 11/2/2011 21:12 EST

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  1. random stuff says:

    Lol great post mate, hit me up if you need anyone to do some guest posts

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