It’s What You Do With What You Have


Often while walking I come upon images that symbolize hope. Here you see plants growing on a rock: a limestone boulder. These plants were not given a lush garden or even a neglected piece of ground. Like Charley Brown trick-or-treating, they got a rock.

And so they grew on it anyway. Limestone is porous and holds rainwater well. As you can see, they are green and happy, like most plants in Florida. There’s a lesson in this for me, perhaps.

It’s not what you start with that matters in this universe. It’s what you do with what you have that counts, in the final analysis.

I’ve found it’s that way with speakers, too: lots of woofers are perfectly adequate if you relieve their suffering by removing them from a cuboid box and mounting them on a hypercube speaker cabinet. The motor of the loudspeaker, the woofer (and tweeter for 2-way systems) is strong enough to do the job because it has been engineered to overcome the disadvantages of the box enclosure.

I would venture to say that perhaps the same is true for the human mind: if you take any human mind at all and relieve it of its suffering, fulfill its physical needs, and allow it to learn, it will grow and improve itself. I would further suggest that the freedom to grow and learn is an oft-neglected human right.


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