Lessons Learned: Further Adventures in Wizard101

Hello again. Yes, I’m still playing that “family game” Wizard101. If you aren’t, too bad — because you are missing out on one the best games to come out in recent years. My main Fire wizard is now level 29 and close to finishing Krokotopia and moving on to the next world — Marleybone. My other wizards are much lower, like 10, 12, 14, and so on…but a couple of them are also in Krokotopia now.

Some of my readers have asked if I have any advice on how to level in this game, and even though I am sure there are plenty of grandmasters out there, people many levels above me, who know more about the game, I am getting fairly familiar with the lower levels, so I will risk sounding stupid to them and pass on some of what I have learned.

Question 1. What School should I pick for my wizard?

Plenty of players will tell you that their school of magic is the best. But each school has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let me go over some of them for you. Currently I have 6 alts, the max allowed, so I have one of each school, except Storm. I had a Storm, but got tired of fizzling (Storm spells are only 70% accurate) so I deleted that toon and made a Balance wizard to replace it.

The best answer I can give is: make one of everything and try them out like I did. Different people like different schools. There is NO one uber-school, despite what the professors and players will tell you. it would be crazy to design a game like that– no one would want to play the weaker schools. The game is as balanced as the designers can make it. Every school has advantages and disadvantages. Every type of wizard does well against some kinds of enemies and not so well against other kinds. That’s why it is a good idea to team up with wizards from different schools when you go questing.

Fire  Advantage: has lots of damage-over-time spells (DOTs) that you can cast and then spend your next few rounds of combat setting up defenses, buffing other players, healing, and so on. Disadvantage: attack spells are only 75% accurate, which means you will fizzle a lot. Less health than Ice wizards.  Compensate by wearing gear which boosts your max health, so you can survive more damage when you fizzle.

Ice  Advantage: lots of immediate damage spells. And Ice wizards have the most hit points, meaning they can take more damage before they are defeated. Disadvantage: most spells are 80%.  Better accuracy than Storm or Fire, but not as good as Life. But maybe a little more damage than Life.

Life  Advantages: (1) best spells for healing yourself and other players. (2) attack spells are 90% so you will not fizzle nearly as often as other school wizards. Disadvantages: (1) attack spells do less damage than spells from other schools (2) emphasis on healing means you get fewer attack spells than other schools. You may find yourself dealt a hand with only heals and no attacks…when you really need to attack.  Compensate by drawing attack treasure cards when you need to, and when you can. (3) sure it feels good to help a low-health team mate, but the down side is that they will expect you to bail them out and not bother to heal themselves. This might mean you spend a lot of time healing friends and less time hurting the enemy.

Death Advantages: Many Death spells deal damage to your enemy and then give some of back to you as health. Not as good as a real heal spell, but it helps…and you do damage at the same time, which a heal spell doesn’t. Disadvantage: when you fizzle, you get neither damage to foes or heal to yourself. And you are more vulnerable to Life attacks, whcih will do extra damage to you.

Myth Advantage: you get to summon minions that will cast spells (even spells you don’t have). The troll minion you summon will step into a sigil like a human team mate, and he might cast Cyclops on your enemy even if you do not have Cyclops in your deck. Also, enemies may attack him instead of you, saving you from being hurt. Disadvantages: minion summon spells take up slots in your spell deck and in your hands dealt, so you have less room for attack spells. And if you are on a team of 4 players, there is no room in the combat circle for a summoned minion, so that spell is then useless. People will grumble if you fight the Kraken and summon a troll minion, so that you take up two of the slots against the Kraken boss….because this means a real human will have to wait until next time — and the Kraken is usually crowded with players.

Storm Advantage: Highest damage spells means more bang for the buck (pip). Disadvantage: Spells are only 70% — the lowest hit rate in the game. Storm spells fizzle a lot, which is why I love fighting against storm bosses. Lots of time it saves my butt when the boss and his minion BOTH fizzle in a round when I am low and can’t heal yet. But to be fair, when Storm spells do not fizzle they usually do more  damage than other spells of the same level, so perhaps in the long run it all evens out.

Balance The teacher for this school claims it is “more advanced” and more powerful than the others. Hmm. Maybe. Advantages: you get unique spells no other school has. Most schools have immediate-damage and DOT spells. But balance has spells that (1) let you give your pips to a team mate so they can use a higher attack spell (2) let you sacrifice a minion to get health or pips (3) boost your chance of getting a Power Pip, and so on.  Disadvantages: (1) having an assortment of odds and ends spells means you get less of any one kind, like attacks. (2) the Balance Tree is in Krokotopia, not in Wizard City/Ravenwood, so you cannot talk to him and get recipes for crafting Balance treasure cards until you finish the starting quests and unlock the next world.

Question 2: What’s the fastest way to level?

I will have to annoy you again by saying there is no “correct” way to level. Different people play in different ways. Some people cannot stand all the running around and talking to quest-givers so they ignore quests and just stroll around fighting whatever they run into. Other people will only fight the exact enemies they need to finish a quest. Personally, I do a mixture of both. Having to go back and turn in every quest is a pain. But doing it means you get the XP from the fighting PLUS a burst of XP at the end when you turn in the quest. But sometimes I feel cranky and just want to go out and kill something without a lot of yakking, so I do.

The problem with not questing, of course, is that you will level by killing monsters and clearing the streets, but you will not unlock any new areas to go to. If you never want to pay for Wizard101, you can stay in Wizard City and kill the bosses and minions over and over and you will (eventually) get up to any level you want. But it will take a long time because (1) each level takes more and more XP to reach, and (2) only fighting lower level monsters means you only get a little XP out of each battle.

My personal method is to do all the quests (except when I am cranky), but to also kill stuff on the way to an objective. Sometimes it is hard to avoid getting grabbed into a combat circle if you are not really careful about staying on sidewalks, etc.

Having said that, there ARE some things you can do to make the levelling go faster:

A. Get a Mount  Having a broomstick, a horse, or a pair of wings makes you move 40% faster. So you get where you are going quicker, and save time. Walking will get you there, of course, eventually. But walking takes longer, giving you more time to get distracted, more of a chance to get grabbed into an accidental combat on the way, and more time for team mates to decide they are bored and want to go watch TV. If you cannot afford a permanent mount, you can get 1-day and 7-day mounts. If you don’t have the gold or crowns to spend on mounts, you can often get them by fighting bosses. The Kraken, a big creature-from-the-purple-lagoon boss in Triton Ave, is in the FREE area of the game and he drops 1-day horses, broomsticks, and wings. Not every time you kill him, of course. But if you hang around and fight him over and over you have a good chance of getting some kind of temporary mount. then you go and make the most of it while you have it….and come back tomorrow to get another one.

B. Get Your Potions Filled  At lower levels you get one pale purple bottle next to your health and mana indicators in the lower left corner of the screen. You can fill this bottle by playing mini-games at the fairground in Commons, or by paying gold to the potion lady there. When you are not in a fight, you can click on the filled bottle (you can tell it is filled bcause it is standing straight up and has a cork in it) and it immediately refills your health and mana to their maximums. Then it is empty, of course. The advantage to doing this (when you remember to fill it and remember to use it) is that it saves you from having to chase after health and mana sprites or from going back to a non-combat area like the Commons to let your health slooowly refill. Not having to do those things to refill your health and mana means you can go on to your next fight and not waste time. Thus, you finish quests faster and level faster.

C. DO the Special Class Quests!

Every school has its own special quests that you get at certain levels. You can ignore or decline these quests and go on playing without them, but that is just stupid.  Because they give you special rewards, usually spells that are NOT on the list of trainable spells for your school.  Here’s a simple example.  Moolinda Wu tells your Life wizard to go talk to Blossom, the Life tree. Argh, who wants to go talk to a tree, when I could be fighting? Answer: You do! The tree sends you to a bridge, you play a note on your flute…and you get the Unicorn spell. It only heals  you for 275 points of damage, but here is something Ambrose forgot to mention in the Tutorial: it heals your entire team! When you pull Unicorn it heals the one-slot, then the 2-slot, then the 3-slot, then the 4-slot (if they are occupied). This will make you pretty popular with people fighting the Kraken. You don’t have to target it, since it heals everyone. Now aren’t you glad you took 30 seconds to go talk to that tree?

All of the schools have these special quests. My main is a Fire wizard. I had to go and get a frozen fire gem in the Krokosphinx. And it was a major pain, because first I had to finish the quests in the Pyramid of the Sun so that I could even get to the krokosphinx. But the reward was my Heck Hound spell, a cool damage-over time spell that works with any number of pips — the more pips you have when you cast it, the more damage it does over time. People call it the Evil Puppy, because it starts as a pair of cute blue eyes and a panting sound coming out of a little doghouse. Then BAM! and the doghouse explodes, a giant Heck Hound appears, shakes pieces of burning wood off itself, and breathes fire at the enemy. One of my favorite spells.  And if I had ignored the quest I would have walked right by the frozen gems and not been able to get one to turn in. So I’m glad I accepted and completed that quest. DO NOT skip your school-specific quests!

D. DO All of prospector Zeke’s Collection Quests

In Wizard City, it’s finding the little Smiths. In Krokotopia, it’s finding the beetles. In Grizzleheim, it’s finding the little yardbirds. These are quests you can do at the same time as the more serious quests, since the critters you are looking for are spread out, all over the place in each world, and you run into a lot of them while doing other quests. Some are tricky to find, but get them all. Because these quests reward you with Training Points! if you don’t do them, you will get less spells from the secondary schools.

E. Mark Your Spot  It took me a little while to learn this, but in Wizard101 you can mark a position ( need some mana to do this) and then teleport back to that position later. The mark button is on the right side of your compass in the lower right of the screen. There is also an icon on the left of the compass that takes you back to the hub of your current world (for the starting world Wizard City this takes you back to the Commons). The trick to using these is to plan ahead. If after doing a quest you have to report back to someone in your current area or near it, such as someone in Firecat Alley or Triton Ave, then when they give you the quest you mark the spot while you are standing next to them. Then as soon as the game tells you that you have completed the quest, you click on the “go to marked spot” icon and blip! you are standing in front of the quest giver ready to turn it in for your reward.

Another tip! if the quest giver is Ambrose or a teacher in one of the schools in Ravenwood or someone in the Commons, then don’t bother to mark the spot when you get the quest. If you know that the next quest you get will be somewhere else, then mark THAT spot. When you finish the quest, use the button that takes you to the Commons, turn in the quest, then hit the go-to-marked-spot icon. Bam! You are at your next quest location already.

Question 3: What is the best gear to get?

The best gear for you depends on (a) your school and (b) your personal play style. If you are Fire wizard who does not have as much health as an Ice wizard, you probably want a robe, hat, and shoes that boost your maximum health. Personally, that’s what my main has: health gear. You could also get resistance gear that will lower the damage you take from some kinds of spells. I’m not smart enough yet to know exactly what kind of enemies i will be facing, so I go for health gear so I have as many hit points as necessary. Or you could go for damage gear that increases the damage deal by certain spells. that way you kill off the enemies quicker and take less damage. Personally, I do not see a lot of damage increase from damage gear at low levels, so I go for health gear. So far it’s working.

You can buy gear or get it from drops when you defeat enemies. And here is where I repeat my earlier advice: make a lot of different school wizards. Why? Because often you get a drop that would be great for an Ice wizard, except you are playing a Fire wizard. If you only have one character in the game, this means all you can do with the “ice school ONLY” robe you just got is to sell it for a few gold. but what if you had a Fire wizard and an Ice wizard? When the Fire wizard gets a robe drop that is best for Ice, he can teleport back to his dorm room or house (there is a house icon next to your compass for that) and go to his bank open it, hit the Backpack tab at the top, go to the Robe section, click the ice robe and click the Move To Shared Bank button on the left. Now that ice robe is in a Shared section of your bank. Now you log out of the Fire wizard, log into your Ice wizard, go to his bank, go to the Shared Bank section, find the ice robe, click on it, then click the Move To Backpack button. Voila! Now your Ice wizard has that neat robe that your Fire Wizard got in a fight.

The point of all this: if you have only one wizard, you will get drops of gear not that good for him and just sell them. If you have several different wizards, each of them will get stuff they don’t want — that one of the others will want. And thanks to the Shared bank on your account, they can all dump their drops into the Shared area and each one can take out the stuff they need.

Here’s a personal example: in Krokotopia my main Fire wizard defeated a Krok boss and got a Nerini staff that gives Life school spell cards. But my Fire wizard already has a hammer that works better for him and gives Fire spell cards. So he passed the life staff to my life wizard. My life wizard is only 13, so he cannot use this 20+ staff yet. But he will, and it cost him nothing.

Question 4: What should I get for my Seconday School?

In addition to your main school of magic, you can (and should) train spells from other schools. The spells in your main school are free to train at verious levels; the secondary school spells cost you training points, which you get every few levels or can earn by doing special quests like Zeke’s quests.

You should always have secondary school spells, for three reasons. (1) they give you things you cannot get from from your own school. Everyone should complete the Fairy quests in Unicorn Way, because the last rewards is a self-heal Life spell that you won’t get from your Fire school teacher. (2) Having more than one kind of attack spell is extremely helpful when you fight someone who is resistant to your own school’s attack spells. For example, a lot of the Kroks in the Sun Pyramid are Fire casters. This means they are also automatically resistant to my Fire wizard’s attack spells. If I hit them with a Fire school spell, it does less damage than it should. Not good. So what do I do? I hit them with a Life or a Death school spell, which they are not resistant to. (3) learning spells from other schools saves you the expense of buying other-school Treasure card. All of my wizards have Life as their secondary school, because Life attack spells are 90% accurate and fizzle less often. Well, all of them except for my Life wizard who has Death for his secondary school so he can attack and heal himself at the same time.

Well, as usual lately, this post has gone on far too long. Thank you to anyone who actually read all the way to the end. Next time I’ll talk more about strategy. Till then, I gotta catch up on my levelling. See you in the Spiral! –MRK

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