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hypercubeThe drive to NY in the summer of 1996 was uneventful. We pulled the van up to our hotel and saw to the unloading of all of the prototypes. They were placed on luggage carts and conveyed to our suite.

There were a lot of them. We had made an effort to provide a significant cross-section of what this technology could do.

hypercube2It took us a little time well spent to set up several pairs and sets of hypercube speakers, including original vs converted JBL, Radian and Dynaudio loudspeaker systems.



demo on tableAs before we had imposed exacting standards on the demonstration models. Every piece of every cabinet was precision machined to .001 inches by the program and glued together in a labor of love by myself and Dale Oaesche.
We had everything from top-of-the-line Radian coaxials to inexpensive muzak-grade contractor driver sets. I wired them all myself, soldering the crossover connections and checking the circuits for continuity. .
demo on tableWe had comparison JBL and Radian rectangular box cabinet loudspeakers. We had hypercube speaker cabinets with and without drivers in a variety of sizes. We had bookshelf speakers and surround sound speakers on microphone stands.

We had switchable feeds from the turntable and stereo tuner fed amplifier so that with the flick of a switch we could change from two conventional loudspeakers to a pair of converted hypercube speakers with the same drivers and crossovers.

demo on tableThere was a mixed reception to our demonstrations. An audio set designer from Hollywood fell in love with the geometry. The engineer who showed up from JBL, however, was less amused, and seemed to grow more angry as the demonstration proceeded. All in all we managed a not inconsiderable effort, but the economic return was nil. I did not regret going, but it did not ultimately yield the traction we needed.


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