Occupy the Future!

This we give the World

This we give the World: Hypercubes

My friends, every new listener, every person who receives and shares this message is a blessing to Humanity. YOU give me hope for our species.

The Future is coming. We can all perish in it, or THRIVE in it. So much change is coming that it is literally world-changing. Not everyone will welcome this change. Technologies that the wealthy have invested in will become obsolete almost overnight, and the ones that realize this do not like it. But money, bigotry, old hatreds and fears will not hold back the Future. It WILL come. We are bringing it. YOU are bringing it.

Power to the People!

Power to the People!

Hands are reaching out across the scars of the past to make peace with old enemies. Scientists are daring to go beyond the limitations of accepted theories to create new wonders of technology. Citizens across the globe are rising up to cast out corrupt leaders and replace them with ones who listen to their people. I am not saying that all governments must fall. I am saying they must learn to listen and to serve ALL of their people, or they will be replaced.

Yes, I come from a country that is still paranoid. The attacks of a few have angered and scared and outraged the many. But not all Americans are blind enough to believe we should rule the world, or that those who dislike our policies are somehow crazy or evil. While I salute humans brave enough to risk their lives serving my country, I wish my country were using its resources to build, not to destroy. If we want dissent in other countries to bring more freedom, we should be doing a better job of allowing and listening to dissent here in America.

We are not going to build a better world for the Future with bricks of hate. We cannot glue the future together with the blood of enemies. We cannot reach the stars by climbing a mountain of skulls.

Occupy Hyperspace!

Occupy Hyperspace!

Old rivalries and angers are being kept alive because leaders fear that there are not enough resources for everyone. We are behaving like children fighting over a glass of water while it is raining outside. Our resources are NOT limited! Just a little ways out in space, the Asteroid Belt has all the metals and materials we will need for the next thousand years! There are planetoids and moons literally made of solid ice that we can mine for drinking water and hydrogen fuel. And the Sun will give us free solar energy for billions of years. All we have to do is reach out and collect it.

For years oil companies told us that solar energy was “a pipe dream.” But the latest quantum dot solar cells have incredibly high efficiency. Solar isn’t just for powering your calculator any more. A few miles from where I sit typing, homes are built, and are still being built, that are OFF THE GRID. They get all the electricity they need from solar panels. And this is being done with older solar cells! The newer designs will allow energy independence with fewer panels far from the Equator once they are mass-produced.

Medicine is exploding into greater understanding of human needs and the causes of aging. For example we now know that a lot of aging is exacerbated by the loss of functional mitochondria, the power generators of our cells. As we get older, our mitochondria tend to break down and their loss accelerates cellular degeneration. But now we can do something about that! Recent discoveries about a nutrient called PQQ show that it can actually help build new mitochondria. And we are learning more about essential molecules like CoQ10 that protect and energize out bodies. In the Future, we will all live longer — and we will not just survive longer, we will liver BETTER longer.

Join Together now!

Join Together now!

The Future is bright, my friends. I do not know if I will live to see a world at peace. I do not know if I will be around when we build new homes and factories in space. But I believe that it will happen. YOU will make it happen. And if I can be a small part of the effort to help you get there, then my life has not been wasted.

This We Give the World.

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