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Still alive.  That’s not something I say casually after having a stent put in my circumflex artery three years ago.  My boss Ed Smith drove me to the hospital and quite possibly saved my life for a little longer; I was stubborn even when an invisible person sat on my chest.  Every day is another day past my warranty. Thank you for your comments and time; I thought I’d answer some frequently asked questions rather than reply to a dozen people with the same answer.

How am I feeling? Pretty good. I’ve been eating better, less, and exercising with 3-mile walks since I came back to Florida and I have dropped 50 pounds in the last year.  (Don’t make me post my older pics: the clothes no longer fit.) With any luck I might survive long enough to pass on a good deal more information before I log out of the game of life.

How long have I been doing this? Well the website was set up way way back around 1997 to try to spread the word about tesseract loudpseakers. No, that’s not a misprint, although the title of U.S. Patent #4,231,446 is Resonating Chamber. The blog appeared much later, in 2009.


Platform. For those of you who are curious about my platform, it’s Wordpress hosted on a Linux box. It’s telling me to update to 3.2.1 but I’m not what you would call an “early adopter” of “improved” versions of software that’s already working for me. I still run Windows XP Professional on my working computer, and it works fine compared to what I’ve heard about Vista and Seven. The style I use is WordPress Default 1.6 by Michael Heilemann. I’m not really about fancy style…but I try to make up for it with content.

The hosting I use is at and the server is in Canada. My friend Adil Asik recommended them to me and I have never had a complaint. If you have a need for fast, secure problem-free hosting, I highly recommend them. Not the cheapest. But much better than the cheapest, so use them and save on tylenol.

(Tell ‘em customer ID 42644 sent you when you sign up if you want to help  me out. )

Linking  To This Site.  Yes, feel free. if my servers ever get burdened I’ll worry about that when it happens. So far I am hardly overwhelmed. It was a very proud day for me when the folks at Wizard101 posted a review of my article on their game and a link to my blog. I’m less proud of some of the ad links their kids see on the posted comments. But that leads me to…

Fair Warning. I’m always glad to hear someone has actually read my work. For along time I just neglected the comments, being more of a programmer and developer than a pro blogger. Now I see I have over 26,000 comments, and you’d never believe how many are merely ads shoved in to sell pills, gambling, or sex websites.  For those who have been subjected to these, I am sorry. For those who posted them, I give fair warning: I believe passionately in free speech, but if all you want to do is advertise without reading, without trying to participate, expect your comments to dissapear soon. I have begun the pruning, and I am obsessive enough to git ‘r done eventually.


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