meAnd here we are again.   I am now at the query letter stage.

Those of you who have done this know what a joy this is.  You spend eons of your life cramming as many ideas as you can fit into less than 100,000 words, and then you are asked to say it in two or three sentences so that someone can decide whether they want to expend the time and energy to read the manuscript.

Given the realities of publishing, and the finite time humans have to review submissions, the filtration process begins with the first sentence of your query letter.  If it is stumbling, misspelled, or crazy-sounding, the reader may jump to the conclusion that your manuscript is similarly flawed.

This is where I always feel crazy in the submission process. I cannot imagine a good science fiction novel that can be summarized satisfactorily in two sentences without sounding crazy.

Given the background level of noise in the publishing universe, I realize that I am like a character in a Seuss novel sounding a “yop” in the hopes of being heard by Horton in the macroscopic world.  But this is the process.   First you write a fiction novel.  Then you query until you get an agent or you give up.

So far I am at phase two.


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