Aspartame is NOT Safe!

me long ago!It’s time to talk about sweeteners.  If you’re like me this is a serious subject. I want to live a long life but not a boring one. I like my coffee, which some studies have shown cuts the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.  But I never learned how to drink coffee black and I can’t drink it without a sweetener of some kind.

Life is sweet, but life without ice cream or any other dessert? Yes, I like fruit as a source of fiber, but not as a replacement for dessert.

Years ago I started drinking a lot of diet Coke with Lime.  I prided myself on the fact that I was avoiding excessive sugar. My girlfriend, however, who worked in a neurologist’s office, told me that aspartame was not good for me. “That stuff eats your brain,” she said.  At the time I dismissed such warning as anti-technology alarmism.

Every few years a new sweetener rears its head and we are told it is safe. Remember saccharin? Remember cyclamates?

Now we are being told that Aspartame is safe. Reality check: who is telling us this? Doctors who care about our health? Or merchants who want to sell it to us? I think you know the answer to this.  Even Coca-Cola touts it on their new “Wellness” page.

Aspartame goes by the names Equal, Candarel and NutriSweet. Starting in 1974 the US Government began approving its use as an additive to dry foods; additional approvals followed. Now let’s not get started on the old conspiracy theory bandwagon. I’m not going there. I’m also not going to talk about cancer danger scares.  Let’s talk simple chemistry instead.

Aspartame is broken down in living cells into methanol.  My first experience with methanol or “wood alcohol” was in Introductory Physical Science where we learned you can make it by heating boxwood in a test tube after driving the air out. Methanol is poisonous. If you consume enough of it you go blind. Take even more of it and you will die.

But didn’t animal studies show that Aspartame is safe? Yes, in low doses, because in animal cells the methanol is broken down into formic acid.

But it is INVALID to use these studies as a model for human intake of aspartame. Humans lack a key enzyme that animals have. We don’t break the methanol down all the way into formic acid.

Would you like to know what the end product is in human cells? We break methanol down into FORMALDEHYDE.  This is a poison and preservative used to in embalming corpses.

I used to wonder why drinking soda with Aspartame in it gave me headaches. Now I know. it was because I was converting it to methanol and formaldehyde, both poisons.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t eat things your body will convert into poisons.  With all its pitfalls, sugar is safer. Honey’s even better.


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