A Tree Falls

figure 1If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well, yes Billy, it makes several ’sounds’. The realms of the wood are disturbed on several levels. There is the pressure disturbance wave caused by the falling of the tree, the acoustic spillover, and there is the change in the local electrostatic field, in the gravitational world, and so on. But if there is no one present to hear them, are they sounds?

Answer: whether or not there are sentient witnesses present, pressure-wave disturbances would radiate from the tree fall through the compliant forest.

You might think I am optimistic, that voices on the Internet will not be heard, that dystopia will follow. But I don’t see it. Some of you will hear me. When enough do, all will benefit.

The measurement concept in quantum mechanics, that something is not real unless it can be detected, comes up against the transfinities of the Many Worlds Theory and runs into difficulties. These apparently infinite quantities of alternate universes or altered histories were brushed away in QED (Quantum ElectroDynamics) by ‘renormalization’. If you put them back in, however, and add a few other effects to balance them, I believe that a full Feynman sum over histories formulation without renormalization will be productive for unified field theories.


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