Here There Be Dragons…and Carpets

flying carpet2One of the cool things about online games like World of Warcraft is the earned virtual bling. There are certain items in the game that not everybody has, either because they are expensive, are difficult to make, or must be otherwise earned.

This is a shot of my Death Knight “Mattitude” on his Flying Carpet. This was not something I was given or bought. I made it, using material acquired in the game. I had to kill certain humanoids to get netherweave and mine ore to get golden draenite. ¬†Then I ¬†sewed it with eternium thread. Only level 300 tailors can learn how to make these, and only level 300 or higher tailors can ride them.

bronze drakeYesterday I earned another flying mount — the Bronze Drake. It is a bronze-colored dragon You cannot buy it. It cannot be given to you. The only way to get it is to kill an extra monster in a timed Heroic-level quest called The Culling of Stratholme. Yesterday I managed to do that with my paladin Alexanor. I soloed it at the 5-man heroic setting.

blue proto drakeSometimes it takes hard work and luck.Yesterday I also received the blue proto-drake, a blue dragon flying mount. The only way I know of to get it is to kill Skaadi The Ruthless in Uteguarde Pinnacle on the Heroic setting. But he drops this rare mount less than 1% of the time. That means you might have to kill him more than one hundred times to get it! I’ve been killing him for a couple of weeks now on a regular basis. Yesterday I was soloing this quest at the 5-man heroic setting and when he died I received the mount.

And now for the punchline: I cannot ride either of these dragons yet! They require Artisan-level riding skill which will cost me 4,250 gold to acquire. But as you can see from the screen shots, they are waiting in my inventory. So now I am money-grubbing, playing not for leveling or glory, but to acquire game gold to get the training to ride my dragons.


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