bronze drake

It took me 3 days to earn the 4,250 gold I needed for Artisan-level riding training. But now I can finally fly on my Bronze Drake and my Blue Proto-Drake. Plenty of experts farm gold faster, but I was taking out time to read and work on my latest novel, Pathspace.

bronze drakeThe Blue proto-drake has some minor differences. it has a pointed tail rather than the club tail of the Bronze Drake. The proto also has an underbite. There are a couple of other differences.

bronze drakeThe true drake body is longer, as you can see from these overhead shots. Also, the true drake folds its wings alongside its body when landed, whereas the proto-drake rests its weight partly on its wings, so they are partly spread even when it is not flying.

I never bothered to get the higher level flying before, because I could get anywhere I needed to on my slower griffin and my flying carpet. But after I took the trouble to earn the bronze drake it seemed silly not to be able to show it off to other players. What’s the fun of having a dragon if you can’t ride it into the sky?


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