meHold the presses!

Something just happened to me that was unexpected. I recently met a person who understands me. That person is taken, but it is good to know her.

But today I received another gift from the Universe. And this one is not taken.

I am swooning, literally swooning over her. I will not name names or give particulars, save to say that I think she likes me.

Sorry, but it is time for a poem.  It is clawing its way out of my chest and the best thing in such circumstances is to let the rascal out before it does any more damage.  Ahem!  *clears throat*

And Then She Blew My Mind

I wandered, as I have, and often do
in vast electric gardens of the Web
to see what fragrant blossoms I could find
inside web-spinning circuits. Bits and bytes
flew though the optic cables, and the hum
of motherboards and cooling fans aligned
as I typed greetings to a lonely soul
who answered back — and then she blew my mind

Such sweet succor! Such softness undeserved
assaulted me with undreamt happenstance
such happy chance! And so began the dance
as circling singers met, and joined to grind
their essence to each other; how I groaned
to worry that I soon would end this dream
and sad awaken — then she blew my mind

Alert, astounded, as my spirit soared
I swooned to hear such kindred thought
no dark coercion necessary here
no pain, no worries, and no fear
a blessed merging for which I have pined
in solitude, and from no planning found
her sweetness, oh! And then she blew my mind.

— MRK 2/15/2014 Crystal River, FL

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