Mixed Signals

Figure 1There seems to be no avoiding that a daily bombard is bound to contain mixed signals.

Indeed, since the Input is from a vast admixture of Sources, one would expect variety in the quantity and quality of its contents. One is seldom disappointed in such an expectation.

Some of these sources are merely noise, patternless emanations from disparate randomness. The noise, however, is only an inconvenience — mere flavoring — that must be sifted out of the data without harshing the statistics.

Sometimes multiple signals received say different things. A source may recede, apparently withdrawing from consideration, only to return before despair sets in. When this occurs I am mystified but grateful.

Sometimes we can control the availability of data. Sometimes it is important to do so. Data’s not gonna control itself. And reliable patterns are always comforting, in that they are self-consistent.

The Computation proceeds.


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