EPIC Music: awe therapy

meThere are dark times in every life.

Times when the treadmill tunnel just seems to be getting longer. Time when you feel like another cog in the machine, wearing out in the grind.

For such times you need something to make sense out of the chaos. And one way order arises from chaos is music: the joyful noise sentience makes to thank the Multiverse for awareness.

My favorite for emotive uplift is Epic music. The visual equivalent of looking at an image of a galaxy. You cannot perceive the pattern without feeling something deep within you cry out to embrace that grandeur and to be part of something great and beautiful.

Words get in the way. The best Epic music has no words in a recognizable language. The rhythm and chord progression is a calculus of its own and we all know its unseen secrets, we all know the flavor of exhultation and exaltation that comes from stirring music. Certain musical patterns resonant with our limbic system for various reasons, evoking pleasure on a level fusing the left hemisphere’s craving for detail and the right hemisphere’s passion for harmonic synergy. Not just ordered sound. Rightly and happily ordered sound. Join its chorus!

With certain music, there need be no explanation. It lifts you up emotionally like a wave and carries you forward in singing along with it, with your soul. With certain music you remember the sadness and the triumph both, and marvel at the miracle of existence. When you feel down, try this music. Jump-start your own joyful noise.


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