And Miles To Go Before I sleep

meOkay I’m sleep-deprived, by no fault but my own, and I will just soldier on until I reach a place where I can fall asleep. After going so emo last night I wrote a poem and of course the solution was my previous post — the healing power of music. EPIC music ought perhaps to be called Heroic music because it seems to speak to the potential hero in all of us. Its the kind of music online games use in their videos and commercials; it is the kind of music distribution companies use for film trailers and movie commercials on TV.

It is music that sings a secular anthem to the potential nobility of spirit of all sentient beings. Music that sings of the sorrows and sadness of life and all the pain and misery that is courageously faced down by us mortals every day and yet we DO go on. As I will go on. It matters not that these slings and arrows we face are often from our own imaginations and insecurities. It makes no difference ultimately whether they arise from early trauma engrams or unresolved parental issues or consciously remembered pain that has not been fully processed and relegated to the scrap heap of mined data in our memories. Wherever pain comes from, it is real but need not define who we are or who we must become.

In other words, I am healing my self-inflicted wounds. And the music IS a great help. It reminds me of the person I want to be, the nobility and generosity of spirit that the worlds needs. And that I need.


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