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My new fellow researcher G.M. has recently been courageous enough to test for himself my claim that the Rhombic Docecahedron (parallel projected hypercube) is far superior as a speaker box than the standard designs. He is building his own set for listening tests as well as objective comparison measurements.

He built his first hypercube out of clear polycarbonate so that witnesses could see there was no acoustic padding inside it. For simplicity’s sake he energized it with a fullrange driver to avoid the complications of crossover effects on the sound.

Today I received his first impressions. G.M. writes:

“OH MY GOD THESE THINGS ARE INCREDIBLE. I have just one hypercube speaker completed so far. It’s SO much cleaner sounding than the sealed box…It’s not even close. The sealed boxes have twice the panel thickness and a fair amount of foam stuffing, yet resonate like crazy, muddying the sound to the extent that it’s instantly noticeable with bass and drums. To the contrary, it’s almost unbelievable how tight and dry sounding the hypercube speaker is. I feel very little vibration from the panels. Voices seem much less colored as well and I did notice a bit less directionality to the sound. It’s just as you said. I’m floored…..”

I envy him. It’s not every day you get to enlarge your own world-view. You never forget the first time you hear a speaker in a hypercube compared to the same speaker in an ordinary padded box.

Bravo, G.M.! I hope that when you have completed your testing you will permit me to use your real name for all the doubters who will think I made you up. I am certain you will find that objective measurements back up what your ears have already told you. Although any audiophile will drone that audio is a very subjective industry, once you have numbers and graphs you can challenge skeptics to perform the same experiment for themselves. Microphones and printers and FFT analyzers etc do not have subjective opinions.


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