Building Hypercubes

coverThe rumors are true. We persevered through all the many hungry years of secrecy and obscurity.

Finally we are allowed to give you a comprehensive guide to the construction of hypersolid resonators. This is a manual which for the first time clearly shows all steps.

You don’t have to struggle or calculate. We did that for you.

We’ve done the trial and error, paving the way for you to roll through and succeed.

Building Hypercubes will give you everything you need to know about basic hypersolid resonator construction.

  • Metal - for the strongest most weatherproof speakers
  • Plywood - for the lighter loudspeakers to be flown in arrays
  • Polycarbonate - for transparent loudspeakers
  • And much more. Every step from how to cut the wood to how to wire the backplate, plus test data, pictures, and suggestions for further research.

    — MRK

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