Why Hypercube Speakers Are Better Part 2

hypercubeThe benefits of this design are not imaginary. They are backed up with objective test data. Tests confirm this enclosure can have an excellent impulse response and yet it can also serve as a passive radiator to enhance the acoustic ambiance.

Here are some measurements from a researcher posting at diyaudo.com who built some hypercubes and has been testing them:

(click graphs to enlarge)

The graph above is the on-axis impulse response. As you can see it is sharp and the aftermath is uncomplicated, which is excellent.

The graph above this line shows that the frequency response is nearly omnidirectional below 2Khz. The readings taken at various angles from the woofer’s axis are quite similar for low and midrange frequencies. What this means is that the emanation pattern is broad and not beaming.

And the graph above this line shows that there is significant radiation from the cabinet, not mere diffraction from the woofer. The cabinet radiation profile is similar to the woofer’s across a broad range of frequencies. In other words it puts the woofer’s backwave to use supplementing the woofer to assist the creation of omni ambiance.


If you click this picture it will take you to the the post from the person who made them and took the data and generated the graphs above.

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