Wonder and Music

galaxySo many times I’ve felt like life was over. ┬áThat there was nothing to live for.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve never seriously considered logging out of this cosmic videogame any earlier than I have to. ┬áBut often I’ve thought that the rest was going to be a slide into senility, nothing more than that.

Wonder always rescues me.

Life is infinitely precious, but it is Wonder that reminds me just how incredible it can be.

Have you stopped recently to consider what a miracle it is that atoms came together to make the living masterpiece of you? Have you paused to reflect on the incredible truth that something we call love exists? Maybe abstractions like truth, honor, justice, and love are human inventions. Maybe insects and worms know nothing of them. Perhaps ants and bees fight to protect their homes out of mere instinct. Maybe.

But unless you are truly soulless, truly dead inside, you have to be moved by the unbelievable beauty around you. Both the beauty that arises “naturally” in plants, animals, and geography…and the beauty that we as a species learn to create.

Do bird enjoy the sounds they make? Music has always been a powerful inspiration for me. I am mystified to find beauty in all kinds of music: so many infinite kinds of celebration - the “joyful noise” we humans make from sound and time, frequency and rhythm.

If you’ve read this far and you feel the need to escape from mere words back into the world of wonder, try this:

EPIC music with full cinematic eye candy.

I didn’t make it that beauty. But I enjoy it…and you might too.


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