Spinspace: The Space of Spins

Spinpace_coverI’m currently writing Spinspace, the second book of my new series, The Metaspace Chronicles.

The series is about the re-flowering of civilization on Earth after an infrastructure grown too dependent on failing alien technology crumbled. We’ve fallen back to horse cavalry and crossbows, but fortunately two things make a rise from the ashes possible.

First, although it has been two centuries, many records of the civilization of the Ancients still survive in the form of textbooks. ¬†Even more importantly, exposure to the alien technology has created humans who can lean the psionic alien “magic” and one wizard is setting up a school to provide the tech support for the rise of a sustainable human-alien hybrid technology.

In Pathspace, the wizard Xander in Rado took on an apprentice, and then they had to survive an attempted invasion by the neighboring Lone Star Empire. In Spinspace, the next installment, they will collect a diverse first class of students for the new school and struggle against unexpected attacks from other magic-users.

Must get back to the writing. ¬†–MRK

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