Positive Reviews for Gamers and Gods: AES

AES CoverAs an author struggling for recognition, sometimes I go through periods of self-doubt and depression, when I wonder if I will ever succeed. It is like screaming for attention in a huge room filling up with others doing exactly the same thing.

That’s why I need favorable reviews like oxygen. I’m still at the stage when a few kind words from someone who has read my writing can make all the difference. I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to submit a review to Amazon.

A TOP 1000 reviewer wrote “This was a great story with a lot of intensity and some wonderful dialogue throughout. I loved the blending of past and present in the novel and it just made things that much more interesting. There were elements of romance, adventure, sci fi, and much more in this intriguing tale that sets up what I hope to be a very engaging series. Well done.”

Wendy Swanson wrote: “The best books don’t just tell a story - they grip you right at the start, carry you along, teach you something along the way and end leaving you wanting more. AES, the first in Matthew Kennedy’s Gamers and Gods trilogy, does all of these and more. In this installation, Kennedy introduces characters from the near future and the distant past and then mixes them together in an intriguing adventure that wouldn’t let me put it down. This world is fantasy to some while reality to others and both are true in ways that prove to be believable, exciting and ultimately frightening. The story draws on the deep textures of ancient mythology and the fast-paced realms of online gaming to craft an adventure that moves quickly from chapter to chapter, climaxing with an ending that doesn’t disappoint. If you’re new to either of these, you’ll enjoy learning as the story unfolds. I’m glad that I won’t have to wait to read the next two books - they’re both available now and I’ve started the second already.

Jim Meade wrote: “I enjoyed this story throughout every chapter. It is very well written ‘ghost in the machine’ story. Moved along at a steady pace, A fine example of the fantasy/sci-fi genre. IMO It would make a good movie or tv mini-series. Started book 2 and cant wait to find out how it all ends……..”

G. Jackson wrote: ““Gamers and Gods: AES” has one the most uniquely written storylines I have come across. If you enjoy gaming you will eat up the pages.”

F. Reede wrote: “Matthew Kennedy was thinking way outside the box when he conquered this uncommon Sci-Fi Brew. His writing skill is like a spiders web that captures the devour’s the attention of the reader as he spins them deep into this ultimately prolific tale. Our main character wakes up in the future and is tasked with fighting for an earth he hasn’t been involved in, and barely recognizes, since it has been thousands of years since he has seen it! Imagine that one. It is like he is living a video game as he has to fight these battles from a simulated construct, a computer. As a story line it does’t get any better than this!

He does have some help though, I would have to say from some savvy gamers and who help in him this exercise of freedom. The undertaking is intense effort filled with twists and turns and even little romance. Gamers and Gods: AES, is the first book in a series and I now look forward to book 2. If you are at all into gaming you will find this book especially delicious. I read a lot in the this genre and this one is exceptional. It is creative, offers a unique story line and well developed characters. Best of all, it is action packed and wholly entertaining.”

Thank you all. Now I have the enthusiasm I need to get back to writing Spinspace.


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