But Not Forgotten

Andrew(In memory of my brother
Andrew LaDue Kennedy
3/28/1960 - 4/21/2015)
I thank you all that gather here today
to celebrate a precious human life
He was the youngest of us all –
our band of brothers; and he left his mark
in all of us who shared his time on Earth

A man beloved by all, who hated none
of modest means, his heart was rich with friends.
A man of music with a generous heart
that was my brother Andrew, now at peace.
The selfishness with which I grieve his loss
was not a failing that he shared –
He freely gave of what he had
and shared the music of his voice and hands

And those of you who shared more time with him
than my own life begrudged, can say at last
this gentle soul we knew, as boy and man,
now gone but not forgotten, will remain
a precious gift that Time cannot erase
that we shall cherish with our inner sight
until we meet again inside the Light.


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