The Everflame

supports the swizzle weave.  The artifact called a swizzle (which does free pumping even uphill) is an indispensable tool for ventilation, irrigation and plumbing.

If we were to be drawing boxes around parts of reality and attaching labels, pathspace would be the gravity - the major component in 3-space of the spacetime curvature.

Just as pathspace enabled the swizzle, tonespace enables the everflame. Tonespace can be thought of as the density of free zero-point energy in space. In idealized conditions this is constant or zero and the energy in space is uniformly distributed (dispersed). In actual conditions this value can be a field value and vary differently along different directions.

The ability of the energy density of space to vary from place to place means that compensatory geometries can be configured.  The total energy appearing may be the same but its spatial distribution can be altered to make it colder in some places and hotter in others.  The alien artifact that demonstrates this is the everflame. The tonespace weave is commonly placed on the space enfolding a disc; stroking the disk’s rim one way or the other turns the effect up or down. The everflame effect concentrates energy from an effectiveness of zero to one. Zero represents no effect — the background level of uniform distribution. One would be perfect concentration: all of the energy appearing in a given volume would appear at approximately the same point in space on one side of the disk. (On the other side the average temperature drops slightly.)

In practice what you get is a point at a certain distance from the center of the disc warms up. the temperature determines the color. At first nothing is visible because for everything up into infrared the photons are too weak to excite our eyes. Warmer and you see a red point that goes through orange to yellow as the temperature goes up. Eventually you get blue, indigo, violet and ultraviolet before x-rays.

As an artifact the everflame is extremely valuable. One can provide limitless free power boiling water in a steam engine. One everflame can be a fireplace that never needs wood, and/or a smokeless stove that never needs coal. A coffee maker you can carry into the woods. An electric blanket with no electricity. Permanently heated clothing for cold climates. Permanently warm hot tubs, pools, and baths. The number of places this could be used is limited only by our imaginations.

Using an everflame in combination with a thermocouple gives free electricity. In amplifier cirtcuits, having everflame-heated tube elements makes possible a tube amp that runs on very little power. With everflame/thermocouple elements to heat the tubes and power the circuits, the telephone, radio and TV of the Ancients could be restored without a functioning electrical grid (TVs and radios would therefore be portable).

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