Struggling On

sisyphusContinuing to continue. I know some of you (hopefully) are impatient to see the next installment of The Metaspace Chronicles and might be wondering how I am spending my time.

The good news is, part of the reason I seem to be slowing down is that I am mulling over ideas for several upcoming books. I will admit that part of the reason is also that I am calculating that I can increase my income more rapidly with one-off, non-serialized novels…than I can writing more sequels to books not yet popular. And a third part of the reason for the slowdown is that I am wondering how long I can sustain this effort before the need for more income (partly for promotion costs) will force me to get a full-time job and slow down even more.

HealspaceBut fear not. So far the Chronicles is planned to be at least 7 volumes, so there are at least four more of them you can expect to see over the next couple of years.

And there will be other books, perhaps even other series. Black Sea Apprentice, currently being edited and rewritten from its original form of 2004, could very well be the beginning of a trilogy (it was originally intended to be). And then there are some nonfiction books I have been meaning to get around to writing.

I haven’t run out of ideas yet.  –MRK

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