The Darklord


There are many rumors about the Darklord, but few certainties. Some say he was a Warrior. Others claim he was a Slaver. There is evidence for both of these, for he has been spotted wearing armor dyed red, and armor colored in blue and yellow. But now he merely wears black or dark gray and gold.

There are those who say sometimes he speaks as might one highly educated. Others contradict this, saying he speaks with the pithy vulgarities and casual crudeness of a commoner. And again, it appears that both of these claims are true, at times.

Many of us Exiles are secretive about our past, either because we do not want to admit our crimes or because, for all we know, old enemies might also be here in these lands. It is hardly surprising that the Darklord is not eager to discuss his former life in detail.

But all men talk, whether it be in the exhilarated closeness of a narrow victory against a common enemy, or in the relaxed unguarded moments that follow a pleasurable interlude with a willing partner in the sleeping furs. From such scraps, accumulated patiently by our operatives over time, we have pieced together an approximation of the truth that will serve for now.

The Darklord has known military service. That much is obvious by his bearing and his forceful stride, as much as it is evident in his ability to command and his skill with weapons.

He also has skill with the acquisition and training of slaves, as he has demonstrated with the ones he has captured and put to work for his Clan.

The very rapidity with which he has assembled both his workforce of thralls and his cadre of loyal clan members indicates he has held positions of substance either in Imperial armed forces, or private enthrallment contractors, or both.

But there is more to this man than a history of authority. It seems that he is a fallen idol, a man disgraced by schemers and jealous competitors. Were it not so, he would not be here.

There is a persistent story that his success was such that those who desired his power and position resorted to that most base of weapons – money. It seems that even Imperial judges can be bought. I know, it is shocking! But true. His competitors apparently succeeded in either bribing a judge, or a member of the royal family who had power over a judge. The Darklord was arrested on charges of conspiring against the Empire. There was no trial, no legal proceeding that might be overturned. Instead, we are told the record shows he confessed, although no one believes that, not even his enemies.

Since a confessed traitor receives no trial, but proceeds instead straight to sentencing, he received straightaway the most serious punishment available – banishment to the Exiled Lands.

Many of those sent here have perished quickly. But like some of us, the Darklord has held on grimly and fought through the dangers and predators of these lands to a place where he can build a home for himself, in the Three Rivers area.

Here he has assembled the Three Rivers Outlaws, known simply as the TRO Clan. He is the undisputed leader by acclamation, and while he enjoys his position and its privileges (particularly with regard to the female members) he apparently takes the responsibility of leadership seriously. Enemies fear him. Clan mates admire him. Women hunger for his touch.

Perhaps he is doomed, as are we all, to die here without ever seeing old friends and family again. But the Darklord is building a new family, teaching us that our lives, even here, are what we make of them. Together, we are stronger. Together, we fill the empty moments with stolen pleasures. Together, we become a force to be reckoned with.

We wish him well.

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