Before and During

before and during

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I know how hard it is to lose weight. But I found out what works for me. Here is old me and new me. I am finally getting thinner and it is about damn time!

The old me is me several years ago when my weight was at its max of nearly 300 pounds. You can see I was going spheroid. I had acquired several small satellites. BP was 164/145, not good.

The new me is me a week ago. Weight now down to about 203 pounds, which has withdrawn my double chin, turned my “equator” back into a waist, excavated some of my old jawbone, and in general begun to transform my body back into the shape it remembers being in years ago.

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The new me is much healthier, as you can see: BP is now 109/74, way down from before. But the best way to “weigh” the difference between old me and new me is not the weight difference. It’s the difference in the way my clothes fit. Look at my belt. In the picture on the left, I’m using the first hole in the belt — it is stretched out to maximum circumference.

In the picture on the right, you see the end of the belt hanging down. Several inches of it! This is because I am no longer using the first hole on the belt. Now I am using the last hole on the belt — and it is the third new one I have had to add on the end since reaching the last of the original holes. I have been losing weight. Consistently, continuously. Not extremely, or drastically, or suddenly. But repeatably, and reliably.

And this time it’s staying off.


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