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Yes, I am the sponsor. The Owner. Me. Matthew R. Kennedy.

You can post comments on my articles. I reserve the right to decide which ones I will display and reply to. If you want to post comments with language or links you wouldn’t want your own kid to see, I suggest you go find another playground. I have no time to argue and there are too many other matters which require my immediate attention for me to waste time justifying myself to your satisfaction.

hypercubeTo all of you, welcome! This is for you. My life, for you. You don’t like what I write? I made a mistake? Fact wrong? Perhaps as terrible as a typo? Oh my. Don’t panic. Tell me; I will fix it. I am not a typist. I am a physicist. 2 fingers tapping. But I do it, here, for you, my friends. I am unlikely to change opinions, but I am happy to correct  errors in fact.

Clear? Okay, then.  Let’s go to the blog.

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